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Annotated screenshot of Mercury's View Panel, showing the surface temperature

The View Panel is located at the top of an object's properties panel, and can display one or more views of the object, depending on the object's type.

There are a number of controls and menus within this panel, most of which are hidden by default.

View Panel Settings[edit | edit source]

The Open View Panel Settings button on the upper right reveals the following settings:

Open Multiple Views[edit | edit source]

This button opens four new view panels on the left of the screen, showing the Object view and three Surface views displaying the Temperature, Elevation, and Water Depth maps.

Open View Panel[edit | edit source]

This button creates a new view panel on the left of the screen, displaying whichever options were shown in the original view panel in the properties panel.

Surface Map Settings[edit | edit source]

This button opens a menu containing more detailed options for the Surface view, including:

  • Show Legend
  • Gradient
    • Provides different options for the color scheme used in the surface property map
  • Logarithmic
    • Changes the scaling of the color scheme from linear to logarithmic
  • Dynamic Range
    • When on, the range of values used by the map changes to fit the actual minimum and maximum values of the surface property. When off, the minimum and maximum colors of the map are determined by the Min. Value and Max. Value properties.
  • Show Map on Object
    • When on, the surface property map will be displayed on the object itself, in the simulation

Close View Panel Settings[edit | edit source]

This button hides the view panel settings.

Objects[edit | edit source]

This property appears in view panels opened on the left side of the screen, and allows the user to change which object in the simulation is being displayed. When the Graph view type is selected, this property includes a list of objects whose properties are displayed on the graph, and allows the user to add additional objects from the simulation.

Type[edit | edit source]

Planetary Body objects have four view types available:

  • Object
    • This view displays a preview of the object, which can be rotated by dragging the object within this panel.
  • Composition
    • This view displays a cutaway diagram of the object, showing the relative proportions of the materials that make up the object.
  • Surface
    • This view will display a map of the object's surface, color-coded by the value of one of the object's surface properties.
  • Graph
    • This view displays a graph plotting two properties of the object.

When the Type is set to Auto, the View Panel displays the Composition view when the Composition tab is selected, the Surface view when the Surface tab is selected, and the Object view when any other tab is selected.

Layer[edit | edit source]

When the Surface view type is selected, this menu displays the different surface properties that can be displayed by the surface map.

X and Y Axis[edit | edit source]

When the Graph view type is selected, these menus determine which object properties are plotted on the x- and y-axis of the graph. These properties are reflected in the title of the graph.

Toggle Object Preview[edit | edit source]

This button hides the object's View Panel, leaving the properties panel in place.

Close Panel[edit | edit source]

This button closes the entire properties panel.