Tidal Heating Effect

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The Tidal Heating Effect property of an object represents the amount of energy the object will absorb over time due to tidal heating. This is a read-only property that is automatically calculated by Universe Sandbox.

Property Details[edit | edit source]

Location[edit | edit source]

The Tidal Heating Effect property is located in the Tidal Effects section in the Motion tab of the object's properties panel.

Units[edit | edit source]

Tidal Heating Effect can be viewed using the following units:

  • Yottawatts (YW) = 1024 W
  • Zetawatts (ZW) = 1021 W
  • Exawatts (EW) = 1018 W
  • Petawatts (PW) = 1015 W
  • Terawatts (TW) = 1012 W
  • Gigawatts (GW) = 109 W
  • Megawatts (MW) = 106 W
  • Kilowatts (kW) = 1000 W
  • Watts (W) is the SI unit for power, or energy per time.