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As of Update 24, Universe Sandbox simulates several surface properties of Planetary Body objects in two dimensions, to represent the variation in these properties across the surface of each object. The Surface view at the top of an object's View Panel can display a map representing any of these properties.

The following properties can be simulated:

  • Temperature represents the surface temperature at each point on the map.
  • Elevation represents the height of each point on the map.
  • Displacement represents the change in the height of each point of the map relative to the original elevation.
  • Vapor Mass represents the amount of vapor (water or CO2 in its gas state) in each point on the map.
  • Water/Liquid CO2 Depth represents the height of the surface of the water (or liquid CO2) above the sea floor in each point on the map.
  • Ice Thickness represents the thickness of the ice (solid water or CO2) layer in each point on the map.
  • Lapse Rate represents the rate at which temperature changes with altitude. This property depends on the surface pressure of the object and determines where snow appears on the surface.

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