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Magnetosphere Size

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The Magnetosphere Size property represents the size of an object's [ magnetosphere], the region of space where particles will be affected by the object's [[Magnetic Fields|magnetic field]].
The size of the magnetosphere, ''R''<sub>mag</sub>, sometimes called the Chapman-Ferraro distance, is calculated relative to the object's [[radius]], ''R'', using
The Magnetosphere Size property is located in the Magnetic Fields section at the end of the [[Composition Tab|Composition]] tab in the object's properties panel. This property will only be visible for [[Planetary Body]] objects.
Magnetosphere Size can be viewed and edited only in units of Radii, relative tousing the object'sfollowing own [[radius]].units:
* Milky Way Galaxy radius (milky way) = 5.5×10<sup>4</sup> light year
* Parsec (parsec) = 3.08568025×10<sup>16</sup> m
* Light-year (light year) = 9.46073047×10<sup>15</sup> m
* Astronomical Unit (AU) = 1.495978707×10<sup>11</sup> m
* Solar radius (sun) = 6.955×10<sup>8</sup> m
* Lunar distance (lunar dist) = 3.844×10<sup>8</sup> m
* Light-second (light sec) = 2.99792458×10<sup>8</sup> m
* Jupiter radius (jupiter) = 6.9911×10<sup>7</sup> m
* Earth radius (earth) = 6.37101×10<sup>6</sup> m
* Moon radius (moon) = 1.7371×10<sup>6</sup> m
* Kilometer (km) = 1000 m
* Meter (m) is the [ SI] base unit for length
* Centimeter (cm) = 0.01 m
* Millimeter (mm) = 0.001 m
==Simulation Effects==
The value of the Magnetosphere Size property will affect the size of the displayed magnetosphere when the [[Show Magnetosphere]] toggle is on. If the magnetosphere is smaller than the object itself (i.e., Magnetosphere Size is less than 1), the magnetosphere will not be visible.

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