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Surface Simulation

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→‎Vapor Flow: Clarified simulation details
===Vapor Flow===
The movement of gaseous material (either water vapor or CO<sub>2</sub>) across the surface of the object is simulated with a method similar to the one used to simulate heat diffusion (see [[Temperature Calculation#Surface Simulation#Temperature|above]heat diffusion]). However,Vapor theflows speedfrom andareas directionof withhigh whichdensity to areas of low density, so the vapor flowsin a single point acrosson the surface map isof affectedan byobject amay spread simulatedor [ Coriolis forcediffuse] into nearby points, and the sizevapor ofin thethose object,points asmay wellspread asto the Elevationfirst differencepoint. betweenUniverse regionsSandbox ofcalculates this diffusion by using the surface[ FTCS method].
In addition, the speed and direction with which vapor flows across the map is affected by a simulated [ Coriolis force] and the size of the object, as well as the Elevation difference between regions of the surface.
The amount of vapor of each point on the surface map is then updated based on the results of this diffusion calculation.
===Liquid Flow===

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