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Surface Simulation

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===Elevation and Displacement===
The Elevation and Displacement properties represent the height of every point on the surface map and the change in that height, respectively.
The Elevation map of certain known planets in the Solar System, including Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars, is stored in the Universe Sandbox database and based on actual data for these planets. The elevation maps of other objects, like exoplanets and randomly generated planets, are randomly generated.
The Displacement map of an object is empty at the beginning of a simulation. If the Elevation of the object's surface is changed, the Displacement map shows how much each grid cell has been changed from its original elevation. A positive value on the Displacement map indicates that the Elevation value of that cell has decreased, and a negative value indicates that the Elevation value of that cell has increased.
The Elevation map of an object can currently be changed via impacts, which will create craters that will decrease the elevation in some areas of the surface, and material is excavated, and increase the elevation in other areas, as debris is deposited on the surface.
===Lapse Rate and Snow===

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