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Surface Simulation

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The following properties can be simulated:
*'''[[Surface Simulation#Temperature'''|Temperature]] represents the surface temperature at each point on the map.
*'''[[Surface Simulation#Elevation''' and Displacement|Elevation]] represents the height of each point on the map.
*'''[[Surface Simulation#Elevation and Displacement'''|Displacement]] represents the change in the height of each point of the map relative to the original elevation.
*'''[[Surface Simulation#Vapor Flow|Vapor Mass''']] represents the amount of vapor (water or CO<sub>2</sub> in its gas state) in each point on the map.
*'''[[Surface Simulation#Liquid Flow|Water/Liquid CO<sub>2</sub> Depth''']] represents the height of the surface of the water (or liquid CO<sub>2</sub>) above the sea floor in each point on the map.
*'''[[Surface Simulation#Material Phases|Ice Thickness''']] represents the thickness of the ice (solid water or CO<sub>2</sub>) layer in each point on the map.
*'''[[Surface Simulation#Lapse Rate and Snow|Lapse Rate''']] represents the rate at which temperature changes with altitude. This property depends on the [[Surface Pressure|surface pressure]] of the object and determines where snow appears on the surface.
==Related Properties & Settings==

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