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The Obliquity property of an object represents the angle between the object's rotation axis and the axis of the reference plane determined by the Rotation Relative to property. If Rotation Relative to is set to the Simulation Grid, this reference direction is the y-axis of the Simulation Grid. If Rotation Relative to is set to the Orbital Plane, the reference direction is the object's orbital axis, defined by its Inclination and Longitude of the Ascending Node.


Property DetailsEdit


The Obliquity property is located in the Rotation section of the Motion tab of an object's properties panel.


Obliquity is an angle, and can be viewed or edited using the following units:

  • Radians (rad)
  • Degrees (°) = (180/π) rad

Obliquity is only defined in the range 0-180°, or 0-π rad.

Simulation EffectsEdit