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Some properties in Universe Sandbox are locked to other properties. A set of (usually three) locked properties depend on each other, such that setting any two of the properties will automatically set the third. The user can determine which property to keep constant by "locking" the icon next to that property.

Locked properties can be identified by the locked icons that appear next to their text boxes in a property or settings panel.

Screenshot of the Earth's properties panel, with a red box outlining the locks next to the Mass, Radius, and Density properties
The red box indicates the locks next to Mass, Radius, and Density. Because Density is locked, a change to Mass will adjust Radius, keeping Density constant.

Examples[edit | edit source]

  • Mass, Radius, and Density for most objects
  • Mass, Radius, Density, and Age for Stars
  • Radius, Total Power, and Power per Area settings for the Laser tool