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The Interface Color property of an object determines the color of the object's displayed trail and orbit, among other interface elements. The property has two options: Default and Custom. When the Interface Color property is Custom, the color of these elements can be set by the user.

Property Details[edit | edit source]

Location[edit | edit source]

The Interface Color property is located in the Colors section of the Appearance tab of the object's properties panel.

Simulation Effects[edit | edit source]

Default Color[edit | edit source]

For known planets planets in the Solar System, including Venus, Earth, and Mars, the Default color of the planet's interface elements is set by the Universe Sandbox databases. For other objects, the default interface color is randomly generated.

Custom Color[edit | edit source]

The Custom interface color of an determines the color of the object's trail, orbit, label, icon, selection circle, and the color of the line representing that object in a Graph.