Atmosphere Mass

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The Atmosphere Mass property of an object represents the total mass of its atmosphere.

Property Details[edit | edit source]

Location[edit | edit source]

The Atmosphere Mass property is located in the Atmosphere section of the Surface tab of the object's properties panel. This section is only visible for Terrestrial Planets.

Units[edit | edit source]

Atmosphere Mass can be viewed and edited using the following units:

  • Earth atmosphere mass (earth atm) = 5.148×1018 kg
  • Mars atmosphere mass (mars atm) = 2.50×1016 kg
  • Kilogram (kg) is the SI base unit for mass
  • Grams (g) = 0.001 kg
  • Milligrams (mg) = 10-6 kg

Simulation Effects[edit | edit source]

Surface Pressure[edit | edit source]

The Atmosphere Mass is related to the surface pressure, P, and radius of the object, R, and the gravitational constant, G, by the following equation: